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Pink Marble
Pink Marble

Love Your Broken Pieces

by Psychic Medium Sandy Hurtado

Please see ABOUT for updated info.

I have the beautiful ability to speak with souls who no longer inhabit human bodies. I've had the gift since birth yet it took decades to acknowledge and years longer to embrace. I am also intuitive or psychic as some prefer to call it and can feel and sense things from those still living as well. 

I consider myself an average chic with a sarcastic personality and a big heart, living out loud. I make no apologies for who I am or for what others consider my faults. I know my truth and stand proud in it. I've been broken, parts of me still are, yet I am here shining light for others. Vibrate at your highest frequency as often as you can so that you enjoy this human experience. 

Beginning my road as a gifted woman has been interesting. That being said, my life is more than just my gift.  I've suffered at the hands of abusers and have been taken advantage of by many. I've had my heart broken and been the breaker of others. I've struggled with my weight, marriage, the raising of my children and everything in between. I have good and bad days, just like you. I also have a potty mouth that I do not apologize for. I believe that none of us are perfect and we should own our flaws and celebrate them. That is how LOVE YOUR BROKEN PIECES came to be.

​It is my hope to be able to inspire others to see the humor and joy of life and to recognize the loving guidance that is all around us.  All we need to do is open our eyes and our hearts to possibilities and then we will realize that possibilities truly are endless, much like the love we have for others.

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Be well,
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