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2 Month Choosing Me Update


Today, it has been two months of choosing me. Two months of making a conscious choice about who I am and what my goals are. I went to the doctor today and had a weigh in as well. All in all, I am doing well.

I have never paid much attention to what I ate short of "getting my next fix" since I'm a sugar addict. I interchange sugar and food because there are certain other trigger foods for me. I love Chinese food, for example. I can't just have one thing. If I eat Chinese, I tend to overeat or binge later in the day or both.

My health was never really a concern. Why? Probably because I didn't want to pay attention to my issues. It was always so much easier to fix other people. That way, I never had time to worry about/pay attention to myself and all the pain that I stuffed down with food.

So here I am, two months in. My starting weight was 343 pounds. Today I am at 323.6. While not quite 20 pounds, I feel like I have lost 50!I feel so much better and all the aches and pains that bothered me before are gone! My body is changing and my clothes fit so much better.

Choosing myself is hard and that is no lie, especially with everything going on around me. I show up for myself every damn day though and I couldn't be more proud! I know at some point this will be the easiest thing I do.

I go back to the doctor in June 2021. I will continue to monitor my progress at home now with the new scale. In addition to weight loss, I am no longer prediabetic and have glucose in the normal range. My cholesterol is down overall but the LDL went up. My doctor explained that it's because my body is adapting to burning fat and there is now more of it in my system. She said in 3-6 months those numbers should go back down. Here's to my health!

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