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April 2023 - Sleep Study

April 18, 2023 --- Was not a good time. Pretty sure I still have that damn paste stuck in the little bit of hair I have. So thankful my hair is short right now.

I won't have the results until who knows when. They didn't use the CPAP on me and I am acutely aware of how much that thing helps me at this point. I'm exhausted feeling as if I didn't sleep at all. Woke up at least once gasping for air that I know of. The nurse isn't allowed to say much but she did confirm I stop breathing when I'm falling asleep when I told her I was. Sigh

Miracles do happen. Sleep study results have already been posted. My score from home to sleep lab wasn't much different. 10.5 at home and 10.7 in the sleep lab. More information was available during the hospital test though.

"Sleep latency was 8 minutes and latency for REM sleep onset was long at 246 minutes." Meaning...I barely have REM sleep which I already knew thanks to my Fitbit.

"During the night there were 4 obstructive sleep apnea episodes, 0 central sleep apnea episodes and 47 hypopnea episodes which resulted in an apnea hypopnea index of 10.7. The frequency of events was much more significant during REM sleep which is quite typical.: Meaning there is at least something about me that is "normal"

"There were 36 arousals due to respiratory events, 13 arousals due to leg movements and there were 87 arousals due to nonspecific spontaneous events." Meaning 87 times they had no idea why I was waking up. I guess I'll have to tell spirit to leave me alone!

It's not exactly what I thought it would say. Basically, they said I have mild sleep apnea which leaves me with more questions than answers about my heart failure once again. I am continuing to use the CPAP therapy and meet with the pulmonologist in May.

I did get a CPAP before the sleep study because I have a dear friend that helped me fight for one.

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