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Breast Exams are IMPORTANT!!

I don't know what's wrong as of yet but do have a doctor appointment coming up on Wednesday.  On Tuesday this week, November 6th, I felt a sharp pain in my right breast. It felt like there was a shard of glass on the right side.  I didn't think much of it because it was quick.  I called the doctor on Wednesday, the 7th when I still had the pain and in addition to the sharp pain, it just hurt other times.

I should probably tell you that I missed my mammogram last year, even after a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I guess I thought I would be fine and I had never felt any lumps on self examination so I just didn't go.  Now, I wish I would have. I guess there's no way to know if they would have found anything then or not but I'll never know.

I called the breast center to schedule a mammogram.  They had a cancellation for the 14th or I would be waiting until the end of the month. I did some rearranging at work and took the appointment. They said it could be an hour and a half as they would be doing a 3D scan on both breasts and an ultrasound on the right since that is where the pain is.

I went home with my family unaware that anything was bothering me. My husband seemed in a mood and I opted not to talk to him at that time.  That was until I got undressed for a shower and could visibly notice my right breast being larger than my left. At that point I panicked and asked him if he noticed and he said yes. I told him I had a doctor appointment next week and I cried.  I had just gotten over a previous illness that had caught me off guard as well.

I'm writing this to tell you that I'm scared. I have never looked at my naked body so much in my adult life. I still have the pain and am swollen into my armpit area.   My neck has been tight as well for a few weeks and now I'm wondering if it's all related. I am hoping to have some kind of answers on the 14th whether they be what I want to hear or not. My husband and I have already talked about the worst case scenario but I don't think either of us really knows what that will be like. The lines of communication are open though and whatever it is we will face it head on.

My advice to you is to not miss any scheduled appointments.  Check your body for anything that doesn't look or feel right.  You are the one who knows your body best.  We can talk ourselves out of a lot of things and our health should never be one of them. 


Mammogram came back with no cysts and no signs of cancer. Doctor was unclear as to what may have been causing the pain and prescribed steroids which I have since completed. Pain is gone and I may never truly know what caused my issue.  Perhaps it was just a way for spirit to remind me to slow down and take care of myself.

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