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Can't Sleep

I've been awake since 1 am. I had one of those dreams that make you question what the hell your mind is up to. I was being chased and shot at by an ex because he was angry I had moved on with someone else. Not shot at with a gun necessarily either. Very odd bow and arrow and then when he'd get closer he had a shot of some kind of drug he was going to inject me with.

The mind is something to marvel at, don't we think? You have these crazy dreams that don't make sense but it is all a way for your mind to work out your stress. We all have stress any given day of the week so considering I have more than my normal amount at the moment really says a lot.

I could go on and on about my stress but that's just not necessary. My life is pretty great so I have no reason to complain. All of my needs are met and then some. I have family and friends that I adore, a stable job, a roof over my head, and food on the table. It is a struggle to remember how good my life is some days if I'm being honest.  Society has a way of making you think that what you have isn't good enough because we constantly compare our lives to others.  Pretty sure there is no one else like me so comparison really isn't a viable option.

Being a psychic medium changes your view on life as a whole. Death is just a change, not the end. However, you should never limit yourself to the earthly experiences while you have the chance to be here. Live life to the fullest. Dream big. Love yourself and others. Buy the shoes. Take the vacation. Tell your friends and family you love them.  Most of all, live a life with no regrets.

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