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Closed Until Further Notice

I've made the decision to temporarily close my business. Could this be damning to me when I return, sure. I'm not delusional. I am, however, choosing what is best for me right now. That includes closing Love Your Broken Pieces until at least the end of March 2023.

I cannot yet say if April 1 will be the magical day when things suddenly change and I return. I cannot say when that will be with any certainty. I also know that I owe no one an apology for how I choose to do things yet here we are.

I care for you and your loved ones and hope this new year brings you nothing but peace and joy. Each and every one of you deserve that. As for me, I need time to truly understand the depths of my gift and decide going forward what is best for me.

Much love to you all and please, love yourselves. ♥

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