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Communication from my mom

I attended a small group reading with Psychic Medium Sara Beaupre (she's amazing. Yes, you should check her out! Google is your friend). The ticket was purchased on April 10 so there's no way I could have known mom would be the one I would end up talking to in spirit.

My Dad came through first. He threw his hands in the air and said, "What's mom doing here? WTF?" For him he questioned how it happened. It was so super unexpected. Well you're not wrong there, Dad.

My mom began showing Sara documents, x-rays, scans, etc. The doctor is talking but it's not clear and sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown. Sara says "oh your mom is sassy! She's kinda pissed! "Fine, if I'm going to die!" She doesn't want to hear the diagnosis. She showed Sara a window of time from diagnosis to departure and Sara put her hands really close together and said she didn't even have three months (which was how long I told mom I thought she had when this all started). I told Sara it was only three weeks.

Mom said all the times I was there for her, to help her, to stay with her were appreciated. She wants to show me how to cook and that's when I said I hated her LOL. Cooking shows are on TV and I know the channels. She said I should know everything about cooking.

Mom said it was like I was there in shifts and at one point I left the hospital and I knew she had left as well. Her soul left on Thursday, the 27th. I knew it and this only confirmed it for me. It was raining and I had left the doctor's office after 3 pm (my own appointment) in her Ford escape. I turned the wipers on and the back window wiper came on so I pushed the button down. It came on again so I checked to make sure it was off and it came on a third time. I said "Ma, knock it off!" and it stopped.

My mom went on how she didn't like to see me cry and never did. Then she said she didn't want any of this! She didn't want a funeral or anything but I still did it. Go figure. Typical mom to bitch about something.

I said I only did the obituary and she could suck my ass! I put right in there that she lived by her own rules and so did I and that's why I did it. Like mother like daughter.

She said I was her gift and was very important to her and she wanted me to know that she was with dad. (I didn't understand this until later that evening. Now I understand the karma and the soul energy connection they still have).

Sara said she had the tear with her which confused me momentarily. Sara asked if I didn't get to say goodbye to her before she passed. I said on Thursday I said goodbye and told her we had said everything we needed to say but if she had anything else she wanted to say to me (she was already non verbal) that I would be seeing Sara and she could tell her. I did kiss her on the forehead before I left and I'm sure I was crying. Mom said that tear will remain with her and that was enough.

Mom said the other day I was looking online or something to get something engraved, a heart or something or to do something with her ashes, and she was trying to direct me to which three. Sara had a fingerprint necklace of her son on and said she dropped it close to her heart and said it's important. I told Sara they took mom's fingerprint at the funeral home and just two days ago I was given the brochure. I haven't ordered anything yet though. Sara asked if I have children. Yes, I have three. I will see what I can order here in the coming months. That shit is expensive!

My mom can't begin to express her love for me. If I didn't know it or if she didn't show it, she loves me so much. My mom wasn't really great with showing affection so this made all the sense in the world to me.

Sara said I will shed a new skin. I will work through this with my mom. She will be by my side. In 6 months, I will transform. It's so, good! My mom will show herself to me. I will have a very different relationship with her now (which is exactly what my daughter said. The same way my dad's a better dad in the spiritual world than he was here).

I have done readings for souls who were recently departed and I couldn't possibly understand what a huge gift that is to the family that gets that reading until now. All readings are blessings but this was so much more. It shocked me that having only been gone for 2 weeks, my mom would come through or my dad for that matter but I needed it more than I could have ever known. I always tell my clients that spirit gives us what we need, not what we want. It truly has given so much more meaning to that statement at this point.

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