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December 31, 2020 Health Update

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Dear Sandy

I am writing this blog as a reminder of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. You started your weight loss/health journey on October 14th and you haven't looked back. You are finally ready to leave behind all that doesn't serve you and put your best foot forward for your health and for your greater good.

At 343 pounds, you embarked on a never ending journey full of triumphs and tribulations. Your body ached most days with severe knee and leg pain, especially from your left leg. Behind your knee the pain was almost unbearable some days. Between that and the low back pain or maybe even ankle or foot pain, it was hard to focus on anything else really. You were swallowing handfuls of advil daily for the ongoing inflammation you dealt with and that wasn't the worst of it. You were taking Excedrin like there was a prize for it to ward off migraines that came all too often.

That was the old Sandy. Here you are, a rejuvenated version of your old self keeping promises to yourself for the first time in your life!! Worried more about your health goals than the moments of fleeting pleasure any food would give you. You stopped binge eating bad foods and instead of food controlling you, you are finally in control!

As of today, you weigh 314.8 pounds and girl, you should celebrate!!! Such a huge accomplishment in such a short amount of time. YOU.ARE.KILLIN.IT.

You've lost .75" on your arm, 2" off your chest, 3" off your waist, 1" off your hips, .5" off your thigh and .5" off your calf. Like dayum girl. That's 7.75" of fat just gone! That's so insane! You fit comfortably in a size 24 jeans and can actually fit a 22 with muffin top. LOL You are in a size 3x shirt but it's mostly too large. 2x now fits as well. Don't take your eye off the journey.

You have new goals to slay. Next goal is 299 by January 31st. If you make it, celebrate with something great. If not, that's ok too. Don't ever put so much pressure on yourself that you cause yourself stress or increase your negative self talk. Know that life will still throw curve balls because that is how we grow and learn. You, dear heart, are worthy of everything you give to yourself and so much more! Don't ever settle for anything less.

Don't forget about long term goals. It would be entirely awesome to be less than 268 by your birth day. You haven't hit that weight since high school at some point. You graduated at 270 lbs. Only in 2004 did you finally get below that but not by much and you gave up. Don't give up on yourself. Keep making those goals and keep knocking it out of the park. You deserve nothing but greatness lady!

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