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February 1, 2020

  1. In the silence, they speak. In the darkness, they are light. Where there's desperation, they bring hope. In sadness, they bring joy. They are your guides, angels, loved ones, deities, spirit, and the universe. Regardless of the name you call them, they are there.

  2. I was reminded this morning of just how close they are. When I was doing something mindless, I heard and saw them. When I realized it wasn't my own imagination (because let's be real sometimes it's a very fine line), I immediately lit up with goosebumps. That has always been spirits way of acknowledging I am spot on.

  3. I am accompanied by a healing guide. Let me tell you, I know shit about crystals, like absolutely nothing besides what I've been told here and there. This guide had more than a hand spread full and the GLOW...OMG!! I recognized a couple but have no idea what they do or why they would be used. I'll just say that this guide lacks nothing. So on this Saturday morning, healing has arrived. I feel humbled and grateful because Lord knows my inner child has been writhing in pain for decades. She could use a reprieve. ☮️💟

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