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February 21, 2020

I felt something on the back of my thigh while in the shower this week. At first I thought I must have a scab from something and tried to get it off. Yep, that wasn't it. I couldn't see it and photos showed it as black. My immediate thought was "is that a tick?!" and then I reminded myself it's the middle of winter (side note apparently this could still actually happen which scares the hell outta me because I am not a fan!). I did some google searching and then called the dermatologist Since it's black, I was obviously concerned. I have been watched for a mole on my shoulder that was changing in appearance a couple years back so I'm familiar with the dermatologist office. She looked at the area and said she believed it to be a thrombosed hemangioma. Basically, it's a cherry angioma that has lost it's blood supply due to a clot.I have a cherry angioma (basically a light red mole) on my neck that has been there since I was pregnant with one of the kids. Nothing to worry about. Of course during this visit I had no idea what a thrombosed hemangioma was but the doctor said it should take care of itself. She offered to remove it and biopsy or have me back in a month if it's still there and we could proceed at that time. I chose the latter.My family isn't happy with my decision but then it is my decision. I'd rather not have parts of my skin cut off if there is nothing to worry about. I trust her judgment and have no reason to believe she would mislead me. And if it is still there, I go back on March 23rd for the removal and subsequent biopsy.I have not been a friend with the sun now since that last mole was changing shape and this solidifies that I will forever remain my porcelain white skin color. I will gladly take my white skin over increasing my skin cancer risk with just yet another sunburn. I had to come to terms with that already..which sucked BTW. I love the warmth of the sun but I start to burn after 15 minutes. Sigh.

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