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February 24, 2020

Hey ya'll. It's me, your psychic medium friend. I haven't been doing any readings lately even though I probably should. The last one I did wasn't great for me (we are our own worst critics) and I decided I needed time for me and to be in my own energy for a bit. Ya feel me? And I have a vacation coming up and so I gave myself "off" until mid March.

My connection with spirit hasn't changed and every once in a while they like to remind me of that. Today they gave me one of those reminders. They (my collective spirit guides, my family members, and the family and friends of those who get readings) showed me a picture. This picture appeared while I was talking to someone at work.

I don't remember how it started. Oh wait, yes I do. She said if I ever needed practice to let her know. I told her I absolutely would need practice and soon. I say practice because the visions and words are open to interpretation so I give free readings every now and again to friends so I can make sure my skills are still as sharp if that makes sense. And maybe it doesn't and that's OK too.

Spirit saw this conversation as the practice I had said I needed. They make no mistakes ya know. They are never wrong but my interpretation may be. They always come when the timing is right whether you choose to believe that or not. This I have grown accustomed to and trust me I sure as hell didn't believe it in the beginning of my journey either.

So I described what I saw to the person in my office. She told me to check her profile photo on Facebook (we are not friends. It's a work thing) as she had to go. The photo was almost exactly what I had described to her...the 70's vibe...the paneling, the old carpeting, her sitting on whom I thought was her dad's lap when the conversation was being had. Turned out it was her grandma, her dad's mom.

When she came back to my space later, we talked about it a bit more and I explained why I thought it was her father. I have a male/female energy version in my mind. It felt like a dominant energy to me which then if it wasn't actually a male it would have had to have been a dominant female to which she agreed. I told her that he and her look similar that it was the eyes (like nose up is where I showed her). She admitted this was correct and she had the same eyes. She had told me that she misses her dad which is understandable, I get it. But grandma wasn't having any of that during this conversation and made it clear she was missing grandma more lately. I said it could have been a photo she was looking at recently and was thinking about grandma or there was an event she wanted to tell grandma about, or there was a birthday or something. Grandma made it clear to me that she was at the forefront of this coworker's mind. Come to find out it was grandma and grandpa's anniversary this month. Well, there it is. The answer to the point grandma was trying to get across.

Thank God for spirit honestly. I cried on my way home from work today because of this mini session of spirit interrupting my day. I am always humbled and acutely aware of how blessed I am to have the gift that I do. I don't have any grandiose nicknames for "them". Most times I don't know who exactly is helping me communicate and to me, it doesn't matter as long as they have my and my sitters best interest in mind.

If I ever decide to do readings in this group, ya'll will be the first to know. Thanks for reading my ridiculously long post. Next time I'll just go live. ☮️💟

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