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February 28, 2020

Obviously, I'm a very spiritual being. I know things are happening around us at all times but am mostly consciously unaware, meaning I can go through the day without being bombarded by images/sounds etc. I said mostly.

Last night when going to bed, both the dogs came into my room which is very typical. My husband and I sleep with the door closed for this reason. I am alpha (I mean, duh) and they like to be near me. Last night was different though.

The new pup, Cheech, came right up and snuggled in next to me. He couldn't get close enough and it was so odd. I truly believe that our old dogs (Oscar and Murray) used him if that makes any sense.

We lost Murray last year shortly before adopting Cheech. He LOVED having his face rubbed which Cheech was all about last night. That is not typical for him, even at bedtime. Oscar used to lay right on top of me like that as he was a huge snuggler. Oscar also loved to be covered up by blankets. We've tried covering up Cheech but he doesn't like it. Again, until last night. He was even burrowing his head down into it.

That's not the strangest part of the evening though. I felt like Cheech was protecting me, spiritually. He's never come that close and hunkered down for lack of a better term. I've said since we got him that he's my spiritual dog because he can see spirit. He knew better than I last night.

I closed my eyes and asked my guides to sweep the area. Normally, I am able to see this happening and everywhere being filled with white light. What I saw last night was different, very different. I saw my snow queen guide (seriously she's always in a beautiful white winter hooded cape and she's very pale--this is how she presented to me the first time even though I now know she doesn't truly look like that) with a turquoise/mint green field of energy pushing outward towards like an army of darkness. She said to stay back where I was protected.

I have to tell you when this shit happens I literally feel nuts! So to make sure I refocused and tried again to have the home filled with white light and had the same damn vision. Cheech is my protector in more ways than one. I'm sure subconsciously I was aware of this when we adopted him.

To the family that "moved" and just dropped him off at the shelter, thank you. He is well loved and appreciated in our home.

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