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February 29, 2020 Beyond Quantum Healing

Today I had a Beyond Quantum Healing Experience. I saw my past lives...many of them. First one was a doozy. I saw a man that I dated in this lifetime. I was told we've spent many lifetimes together (which I already knew). He told me he couldn't love me because he didn't love himself. This lifetime he is a raging alcoholic with narcissistic tendencies. Moral of the story is I am holding onto baggage that I had to release today.

I have been a healer for many lifetimes. I spoke with and through my grandfather, who in soul form is a great Indian Chief. I have to remember the power of the wind and give it to the fire. Not exactly sure what that means yet but it all seemed to make sense in the moment. In this lifetime, I will heal thousands with my hands...using written word as healing.

I have been both male and female and neither. I have lived in angelic realms and am holding myself back in this one. I must love myself more in order to advance. My life is filled with abundance and so it shall be.

The most miraculous (I mean as if being used as a portal for my grandfather wasn't cool enough) is that the dog we had for 3 short years (he was 8 when we adopted him) is actually one of the many guides I have. He has shown himself to me in different forms and today it all came together. And my guides are ancestors. They are the collective and not always individual which would explain why I never know who is talking to me. I was told to trust as I am protected.

The woman who I did this session with is a beautiful soul and I would recommend her to anyone. If this is something you're interested in, please look her up. She's on Facebook as The Energetic Alchemist. From there you can visit her other platforms.

You and I will heal together. I will keep sharing my story and stand in my truth. I hope you will find this as a group in which to do the same. ☮️💟

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