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July 2023 - Holter monitor burns

July 3, 2023 --- Went to the doctor today. They're suggesting a pacemaker because of my EV only at 25%-30%. They did mention that I didn't HAVE to do anything. However, any ejection fraction under 35% leaves me at a high risk for irregular heartbeats and the potential of my heart just stopping. I meet with the new cardiologist August 7th. Increase to my lasik was prescribed. More lab tests next week with a holter monitor. They said for 30 days which I think is excessive and I'm wondering why the hell they're doing it now when they've had all these months?!

July 25, 2023 --- I have already gone rounds with this effin heart monitor. Broke out from two different kinds of electrode adhesives. I'm now on my 3rd. This is it because I'm over it, ALL OF IT!!

They already know I need a pacemaker but when I called about not wearing it, apparently the 7 days I've already worn it (in total), they want to see more. They're looking for palpitations which I have had every single day I've worn it (I just call them something different).

I've just had a shitty mental health day today. Again I say that the mental toll this diagnosis takes isn't talked about enough.

July 28, 2023 --- And I'm done with the effin monitor!! 3rd set of pads and 3rd time with skin issues. Humans are not meant to wear adhesive 22 hours a day for days on end. I'm done and I already sent the monitor back!

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