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LYBP follow up 12/10/2020

I posted yesterday about what was going on in my life. After work, I came upstairs to find a bouquet of flowers with a simple note that said "love you" as if that was the cure for everything we have endured. He has not apologized for his atrocious behavior and forcing his wife to search all over for him and has no regard for how that made me feel. It's obvious he needs attention in some manner but this is definitely not the way to get it.

There has been no talk of relationships. He drank too much again last night and stayed on the loveseat in the living room until about 5:30 am when he came to the bedroom this morning. Then I got up for work and here we are. We have spoken minimally as there is stuff going on in the extended family and with his work but that is it. Only skin deep conversation and nothing about us.

We are progressively going backwards. I have not said anything about the flowers nor has he. There is no touching, no talking, no communication. I'm still exhausted and for good reason I believe. This is mentally taxing and his refusal to communicate will be his demise.

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