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March 2023 - Health Update

March 3, 2023 --- In this moment, I am overwhelmed. I got taken off my water pill on Monday and since then I have gained 4.2 pounds. (I have to weigh myself every day and have to call the cardiologist if my weight goes up 3 pounds overnight or 5 pounds in a week.) Since it's Friday and they're not open on the weekend, I reached out and asked what I should do if it does go up to 5.

I have to go back on my water pill, adhere strictly to salt reduction and water intake, and watch my blood pressure. The reason they took me off the water pill to add another was because of low blood pressure which each pill causes. My blood pressure is sickeningly low already, trust me.

I also read my home sleep study results online today. "Respiratory analysis showed 13 obstructive sleep apnea episodes, 2 central sleep apnea episodes and 69 hypopnea episodes which resulted in a respiratory event index of 10.5. Out of 5376 breaths, there were 686 flow limited breaths without snoring and 4 flow limited breaths with snoring. There were 91 snoring events."

No one talks about the mental health toll, still, so I'm talking about it. This is scary AF, makes me cry, angry, and mostly just frustrated on a pretty consistent basis. No one advocates for your health if you don't and regardless of how $hitty you may feel, you have to take charge of everything. I'm f@cking exhausted. That is all.

March 17, 2023 --- I haven't posted in a bit. I'm just p*ssed off with how everything has been going health wise. I have no idea how my heart is doing but I'd say better because I have some kind of color in my face now versus looking white as a ghost.

I am fighting for a CPAP machine while I wait for my in hospital sleep study since sleep apnea was found in the at home study. I will be getting one soon to at least help me a little bit until they know exactly what I require. The pulmonologist was mad because someone in my condition should have never had an at home study but should have immediately been scheduled for an in lab test. However, my insurance doesn't care about conditions. They require an at home test first.

For those of you who don't know, sleep apnea is extremely hard on your heart and can lead to heart failure if left untreated. It's the only viable explanation I have for my heart failure right now. Mine isn't associated with snoring entirely even though snoring was detected. If you're finding that you're tired every day or wake up gasping for air, please get yourself checked.

That's all for now about my health. This wig though . I got her cut last night and I love it!

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