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March 3, 2020 Spirit Talks

I'm awake. I mean of course I am. I have a big day of travel today and when I should be resting my body wakes me. These headaches have got to stop! That is the reason I am once again awake.

I've been thinking about the healing I had this past weekend. As I sat at the computer, I felt like the energy in my hands and chest was going to burst out. Spirit is definitely tuning in to me this am and I am open to their discussion.

My sessions theme was about loving myself and trusting, both things that I have struggled with for many years. These struggles stem from childhood, whether it was abuse of some nature, deep trauma, or just general unease that made me feel less than. A friend of mine had posted these photos to Facebook and while both resonate with me, I seem to have predominantly struggled with father issues.

Well, actually, now that I look at them, I'm pretty much feeling all of them. How do these things effect your life? Do you experience the same things? I have chosen unavailable men, I have been co-dependent, I have apologized constantly and honestly sometimes still say sorry too much.

What spirit wants us to know is that we are not our past. We are not the victims that we felt we were as hostages to the trauma of our parents or others in our lives. The venom they spewed was a result of their own injustices and traumas inflicted deep in their psyche. They never learned how to heal or overcome these obstacles that were placed in their path. You, you are different. You are here, reading these words and searching for answers. You search for truth and meaning and are looking to heal. You my friend are miles ahead of those who projected upon you. You are loved and so worthy of receiving love. You are a beautiful being of light and life. You have the power to manifest your destiny if you just believe. Do you believe?

Spirit sure if funny. I finished typing that and they are clapping and cheering. Apparently, I can hear them when I put my mind to it and trust. They aren't wrong. They will never steer me down the wrong path. I have so many ancestors cheering me on and guiding me that it shouldn't be so easy to forget how protected I am. This was lesson one of many for me. Listen and trust. In the calmness, they speak. ☮️💟

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