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Merry Christmas 2019

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

It's Christmas. A time for joy and celebration and for others a rather religious event. The days of oodles and oodles of gifts as a child are nothing but a thing of the past. As an adult, Christmas has always meant laughter and reliving memories. We laugh at the memories of those both with us and those past. We remember previous Christmases and just how much our Christmases have changed.

Life really is about change, like it or not. We don't live in the same place, stay with the same person, have the same friends, and unfortunately our loved ones don't live forever, even the furry ones. Change is an inevitable part of life and we must learn to adapt whether willingly or by being dragged. I have done both.

Our extended family Christmas is over. Our Christmas with the kids is now over. We've taken down the tree (yes, I totally did on Christmas), installed the new TV, rearranged and cleaned the living room and hell, I even cleaned the bathroom. Only one. Let's not get crazy.

All day, I've felt moments of deep emotion. At times it felt like anxiety and at others felt like exhaustion. There is no easy way to describe what has actually taken place besides full on gratitude for my life.

Life has not always been easy and I know I've been surprised by just how miserable it got sometimes. Life has downright tormented me for the choices I've made and has made me extremely grateful for others. I swear I've looked straight into hell and I'm glad to say I didn't stay there. If life were always easy, we'd take the good times for granted more often than we already do.

As I went through the day today and looked around my home I was reminded of how much I have. I honestly have good kids, an amazing husband, and a beautiful home. I would have never considered myself a happy crier but I definitely am. The grateful emotion is just as overwhelming as any other, especially when you realize how far you've come.

As we move past this final holiday season of this decade, I am reminded of just how amazing life can be. Sure, it will continue to have ups and downs and I'm excited for both. Growth is necessary and I look forward to the limitless possibilities before me. I truly hope you can do the same.


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