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My Mom's Power

Yesterday, I was on my way to work. I didn't have the radio on. It was connected to my phone but I had nothing playing so technically it was off. I'm driving down the road minding my own business when the radio turns on to AM 530. I have NEVER had AM radio on in my car. I'm not an AM radio kind of gal. I kind of nodded and thought, "Ha, funny ma."

I pressed my first preset for FM and the words that belted out shook me... "I miss you more than life, I miss you more than life." For those of you that need to know, the song is literally called GHOST by Justin Bieber. The whole time I'm thinking you've got to be kidding me? And when I went to say aloud that I missed her too, the tears fell. That never truly ends.

Her message wasn't yet over either. The song ends and the next one that comes on... WHEN I'M GONE. It starts out with lyrics of "When I'm gone, I'm never really gone..." and through my tears came laughter. It is so something my mom would be so pushy like that to get her point across on a random Saturday about how much she loves and misses me and how she's never really gone.

They are not ever really gone. They are always around, especially when we need them. I wasn't feeling particularly sad or missing her but she was definitely proving her point. Point taken. I miss you and love you too lady!

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