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April 9, 2020 Quarantine Has Helped Set the Pace

I don't like it. I don't like having my freedom revoked for any reason. I understand the reason yet that still doesn't make it like it, not even a little. The quarantine has taken away my ability to go visit a friend, go out to dinner with my husband, or go to a movie with the kids. The quarantine has taken away my distractions. Go ahead, read that again.

All those things I listed were just that for me; distractions. Distractions from listening to the ache, the urge, the pull, or the voice of spirit. Trust me, they would get loud from time to time as to not be ignored but my ability to truly connect to my inner self and the world of spirit around me was stifled. Once all those things are removed, there is only so much television one can watch or so much social media to be had before you're no longer distracted.

So where does that leave me? That leaves me having no choice but to trust the words and visions that I am presented with. I know I'm not crazy although I could have sworn I was for many years. I know enough now that this isn't made up and is true guidance from the beyond. They have been playing songs for me almost daily, repeating a certain line or chorus over and over. The message has been express yourself, love yourself and stand in your truth.

This quarantine hasn't been ideal for anyone, I'm sure. It's hard on families and friends and makes no discrimination of sex, race, age, national origin, or political divide. However, while not ideal it has set the pace; a new normal if you will. It has forced me and many others to focus on what is truly important and what is just "fluff."

I am now being presented with what could be the next stage of my spiritual life. It's obvious that things for me have changed but my fear still exists. This is going to be a huge role spiritually as long as I remember to stay out of my own way. Connecting with the divine is what I do. I shall focus on the goal of helping people and bringing them closure and peace and move forward with what has been presented. More info on that coming soon! ~

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