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Second Chances

We go through stages of growth throughout life. People come, some stay, and others go. We celebrate joys and mourn losses. We get things right and we get things wrong. The best part of this life is that we get the opportunity to start everything over whenever we want. For me, forgiveness has allowed positive change in my life and I find myself thankful for the strength to not only forgive others but to also forgive myself. 

My relationship with my mom has been pretty nonexistent over the past several years. It’s been a great burden to hold onto anger. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It’s toxic and sucks the joy from your life. So, I made a choice to forgive us both for wrongdoings that caused the separation and have recently been renewing our relationship. While I can’t speak for other adults in my family, I know that I was ready and made the right choice for me. 

There were no plans to exchange gifts this year. That’s a lot to ask this new into a relationship and to be honest, it’s not necessary. We don’t “need” anything. Do we ever truly though? Most Christmas items aren’t "needs" but are rather “wants”. 

Mom asked if we wanted her electric recliner since she had ordered a new one. We didn’t need it and weren’t in the market for one but agreed to take it. I mean, my husband is always reclining on the couch we have so why not? She was getting her new one delivered so said she would see if they could put the old one in her car so she could deliver it on Sunday when she came to our house.

She did come and handed me a piece of paper (in the picture). I was like “What the hell? What is this?” I mean it’s a paper with a bow. She then told me that she got us a brand new recliner. I was shocked. I told her that wasn’t the deal to which she replied there was no deal. That’s crazy! We said we would take her old one and she said we never shook on it.

That is a huge gesture of generosity and we are grateful. We definitely didn’t expect it and graciously accepted it. It was more than the gift though. It was the relationship we have now. It was what we wrap the season of Christmas up to be: family. I have no regrets over past choices because they have made me the person I am today. With that said, I remain humbled at the opportunity for a second chance before it was too late. We are not all given a second chance. If you’re lucky enough to be one of us, don’t waste it. Thanks, mom. You’ve given me more than you know. 

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