Shaving My Head...Again!

On June 11, 2016, I shaved my head for the St Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. I raised money for several months and joined others in solidarity and shaved my head. As a female it was overwhelming to say the least.

On June 3, 2017, I did it again. It's such a great charity and come on no one, especially a child, deserves a life filled with hospitals and doctors and chemo. Collectively, we raised almost $16,000 for the charity with our little group. Such an accomplished feeling.

This year, on my 45th birthday, I will complete my third shave. I have no group to join and right now will be the solo shavee. I felt a pull or a calling to complete this once again so it doesn't much matter to me whether I am the only one or not as long as I can do my part once again.

I will have more information in regards to how you can donate in an upcoming blog. The final details are all forthcoming. I am excited and look forward to the shave!

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