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Transition to Love Your Broken Pieces

Why did I choose to pack up and move over here?  The simplest answer is I’m more than just a psychic medium. I’ve felt like I was fighting against myself for the past year.  I was torn because I was trying to build a new business and promote my gift while slowing losing my grip on Love Your Broken Pieces. It was a fight I wasn’t winning until I figured out I could have both with a simple merge!!!  Spirit has probably been shaking their head and rolling their eyes for the past year just waiting for me to figure this crap out! I’m lucky they are so patient and loving.  Honestly, how much longer would I have been able to keep slamming my head into a wall.  Something had to give.

Love Your Broken Pieces was a spin off of my first ever Facebook Page, journey to the center of my soul. I wrote “notes” on that page since blogging on Facebook isn’t an option really.  I was sincere, unedited, and raw.  I was healing wounds without even knowing it and then, FEAR happened. I freaked out. I had been so vulnerable with my posts that a part of me felt violated and I couldn’t process the emotions that came afterward. I shut that page down and went about with my life.  I believe I kept a great deal of what was posted there and will share some, if not all, of those stories here at some point.

While I can’t go back and undo the deletion of that first page, I can continue to expand on Love Your Broken Pieces.  In essence, that’s what we all need to do anyway.  Healing wounds is never an easy task and sometimes it takes years.  I’m living proof of that.  I share inspiration, humor, tear jerking love, and everything in between on the Facebook page.  The website is more geared toward my blogging that is becoming a very large part of my own healing.

I am still a psychic medium.  That will never change.  The original website and Facebook page will cease to exist as of November 8, 2018 but we’ve got a much better thing happening here anyway!  I hope you will enjoy the next chapter and follow along.

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