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UPDATE to 12/13 post

My husband came downstairs last night about 30 minutes after my live in my group ended. He asked me what I was doing and I told him on Facebook (I was messaging with a friend at the time.) He told me to turn around and he hugged me and said he was going to stop drinking. He said he's getting old and his body can't handle it. I told him it was ruining his life and he said he knows and that's why he has to quit. I told him I was tired and he was going to need help to which he also said he knows. He said he knows it's not going to be easy but he has to try. I told him he would need to admit that he's an alcoholic as the first step (again, he said he knows), dump all the alcohol we have and learn new routines. I also told him his body is going to crave it. I know because I'm battling my own addiction with food. He told me he was going to prove to me that he could do this. I told him he has to because while I love him to death, I will leave him if he doesn't stop. And that's where we left things. I am still in the basement and I am literally wiped out this morning. I looked up alcohol withdrawal symptoms and told him about what to expect. Yes, he normally drinks every day but sometimes he doesn't. Yes, he does drink too much all too often as I've explained in this video. I don't know if he'll make it through this ever challenging period. Maybe he doesn't know either. I commend him for trying as this is the first time in our all years he has ever admitted to even having a problem. Only time will tell and I will assuredly keep you all informed. Thank you all for listening and I will keep those of you experiencing similar things in my positive thoughts. #loveyourbrokenpieces

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