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Weight Loss Truths

So I've lost weight in my life, shit, multiple times. My biggest weight losses were when I followed Atkins and Herbalife.  Lost 62 pounds in 6 months on Atkins.  Was pretty close to the same with Herbalife.  Yeah, most any "diet" works if you follow the directions.  That's always the hard part, right? Currently, I generally stay away from sugar and processed food (except protein bars/cookies).

I have experienced many a body change while losing weight and I wondered why I hadn't read a book or blog about this reality. Where is the woman who is going to step forward and tell you about the body changes whether convenient or not? I am that woman.

Let's talk about the undercarriage area.  The first thing I noticed was my incontinence disappeared. Let's be clear, I didn't even know that was a thing. Yes, overweight women (not all) may have urine leaking due to their bladder not emptying entirely based on organ position I would imagine. You have no idea how much I hated the odor and constant wetness!! I didn't exactly either until it stopped, like holy shit!! I had accepted it as part of my life since I had it for so long. It was just a constant feeling of being dirty and I hated it! So glad I know the difference now.

It's important to mention the sexual pleasure has also increased since cutting out sugar and processed foods. My partner hasn't changed so that is not it. We've also been together for a long time so we know each other's bodies well. We're not trying to be extra in the bedroom so it wasn't a new toy or special positioning.  I know what you were thinking!  Seriously though, multiple orgasms, every time!! Let me be clear that it's not like I have not achieved this in the past but it sure as hell wasn't every time and it also felt more like a challenge. Now, it's a guarantee. I'm sure my husband thinks he's some kind of sexual master now. LMAO!

The annoying thing that is happening down there now is extra skin without air. In the fold of my leg to my pelvic area I have this problem.  Not both legs either (or at least not yet), just the right. It's like 1/2", seriously minimal, that just doesn't get air and when I sweat, fucken forget it! Now when I go to the bathroom I not only get to wipe the middle but now I get to wipe the right side. How lovely! *insert eye roll here*

Listen, this may or may not be your weight loss truth but it is definitely mine thus far. And mind you, I have no idea how much "weight" I've actually lost still. Maybe it's just 15 pounds. It's just a number anyway. My body is already so different there's no denying things are moving/shifting, including the boobs. Lord help me! That's a separate issue.

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