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Whose Side Are You On?

This virus has done nothing but separate us more as a nation. If you thought your typical election years were chocked full of hate and bigotry, this year proves to give those years a run for the money. Regardless of who you voted for or why, it seems that many would like you to pick a side right now. I mean, whose side are you on anyway?

Guess what? It doesn't matter. You will be wrong to someone regardless of what you say or how you say it. They will invite their friends to mock and belittle and shame you for having an opinion that does not align with their own. The hate will spew from them like venomous snakes until you cower in fear and chose their side. That's the goal isn't it? For you to choose to see the world through their rose colored glasses?

I use the term they because there are many. Check any news site or social media outlet and you will see them there. They are lurking, waiting in the wings for someone to speak out of line; for someone to say something that doesn't align with their reality. That is when the ambush happens. They will attack you from every angle as nothing is sacred. Is your profile picture something to be mocked? Perhaps pictures of you and your family. And the list goes on and on and fucking on.

Aren't we all exhausted? Tell me the last time that you had a fight with someone and they suddenly just said you're right and I'm wrong and completely changed their whole line of thinking in an instant? Does that happen? Do people force change by slinging insults and claiming your life is not of value because of what opinion you have? Are you serious?

Regardless of where you stand on whether you think the virus is going to kill everyone on this earth or you think it's a flu strain and we need herd immunity, you don't deserve to be shamed. I have never known shaming to be a proficient way to make change happen. Maybe it works for some but it sure as hell has never worked for me. It shows signs of weakness, disdain, and hate for oneself to act in such a manner.

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